Functional Nanopowder International Conference 2020

By: Adrian R. Nur / Beranda / Agenda

Functional Nanopowder International Conference 2020

Functional Nanopowder International Conference 2020

Functional Nano Powder University Center of Excellence (FiNder U-CoE) is pleased to announce the virtual conference FiNder 2020. The conference will be held on November 24th 2020 under the theme “Functional Nano Powder”. Participating in this event will gain the opportunity to engage with scholars, industry professionals, and other stakeholders.

The agenda will include:

  • Plenary session
  • Oral research presentation
  • Poster session

We invite scholars, industry professionals, and other stakeholders to contribute their research to the event. The subjects of the topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Development and functionalization of nanopowder for:
    • Sensors (bio, chemical, gas, optical, etc)
    • Photocatalysis
    • Environmental remediation
    • Electronic devices
    • Energy devices
    • Biomaterials
  2. Nanopowder manufacturing (food processing, fine ceramics, nanoparticles, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  3. Aerosol and colloidal processing
  4. Powder and particle characterization
  5. Dynamics simulation of particles
  6. Measurement and control of powder processes
  7. Particle comminution
  8. Powder handling and operations (storage, transport, granulation, separation, fluidization, etc.)

Invited Speaker

  1. Prof. Wuled Lenggoro (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
  2. Prof. Dr. N. Balasubramanian (Anna University, Chennai, India)
  3. Dr. Marloes Peeters (Newcastle University, England)
  4. Dr. Deo Raj Singh (Weill Cornel Medical College, Cornell University, USA)
  5. Prof. Dr. Suprijadi, M.Eng (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)
  6. Prof. Dr. Eng. Heru Setyawan (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia)
  7. Prof. Wei-Song Hung (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)
  8. Dr. Iwan Sumirat, M.Eng. (National Nuclear Energy Agency, Indonesia)
  9. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey (Amity School of Engineering and Technology, India)

For more information, please visit FiNder 2020 

(FiNder 2020)

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